Cloud-based – Feet-on-the-ground performance.


The Scheduler offered by Personalized Learning Tools is cloud-based software that is available as a service to schools. Scheduler allows teachers to offer a variety of learning sessions and learners to select the particular offerings that meet their learning styles and schedule. Unique features of the school scheduling software include:

  • Flexibility – an infinite number and duration of time slots (not restricted to traditional 8-50 minute times) for instructors to sponsor offerings
  • Empowerment – learners can choose their own schedule among the offerings, taking the pressure off of administrators and counselors
  • Customizable – learners see only the offerings they qualify for
  • Robust – ability to schedule a large number of students in a very short amount of time
  • Savings – the technology saves a great deal of staff time managing schedules and tracking students

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School Scheduling Software - Happy Kid Learning