Personalized Learning Tools offers the best scheduling solution for schools implementing a personalized learning  environment. Period. Come see why!

Scheduling headaches should not stop progress.


Personalized learning tools offers a ray of hope for countering declines in American education. It allows students to learn at their own pace and in the manner which they learn best. Studies show marked improvements in learner engagement, graduation rates, and test scores, while significantly reducing disciplinary issues. You already know the benefits. We agree wholeheartedly.

With all of these benefits, schools have quickly recognized the nightmarish scheduling challenge created by a mass personalized learning approach. The Scheduler offered Personalized Learning Tools breaks down the traditional 50-minute time period walls created by industrial education and traditional scheduling software. It allow teachers to create educational offerings ranging from 15 minutes to several hours long and learners to choose the offerings that best match their learning style.


“Scheduler has been very good for our goals in the customized education program. The teachers really like it and we have started giving students choice. It has been going great!”

Eric Bass

Principal, SD School District

“We could not have made the transition to a flexible learning environment that meets all learner needs (MCL) without the Personalized Learning Tools scheduling software. One of the biggest concerns as an administrator is how to keep track of where learners are. This software makes grouping and regrouping on a large scale very easy!”

Lisa Royek

Principal, James Gettys Elementary School